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HYVST SPG500 High Pressure Grouting Pump


SPU500 is human oriented and portable. The wearable material make it strong and durable. The departed small injection is easy to carry. Our injection pump is designed for structure injection leakage stoppage, crack strengthening with view to dismounting easily. It can stand high pressure. Its component won’t be out of shape even working in a high pressure condition. It can solve the difficulty of carrying because of heavy weight. It is the best choice for the professional leakage stoppage and crack strengthening constructors.


One-man Operated Pressure-Adjustable Pump

Assemble with adjustable high pressure gauge, and pressure control box,

easy to operated by one-man,safety and reliable.


Top-level configuration

All parts of  gear box with special steel, ling-service and endurable.


Quick construction  

The working pressure can be raised from 0 to 15000PSI. the injection time is much

shorter than other injection pump


Light weight  

●The weight of the pump is 7kg only. It is portable and easy to carry



The components of the injection pump won’t be out of shape when the pressure reach



Simple repair

Can be repaired to avoid stopping working caused by the repair can be avoided.


Sustained pressure  

The medicament can effectively fill in the small crack and comb to get an good structure strengthening effect.



Units include:

● 1* cup

● 1* 5m high-pressure hose

● 1* switch valve(Including filling oat head)

● 5* Perfusion rubber pad

● 1* pack of maintenance tools

● 1* filter



Model Number: SPG500

Single-phase AC 220 V / 50 Hz

Maximum output pressure: 758.4Bar/75.84Mpa/11000Psi

Start again: <517.1Bar/51.7Mpa/7500 Psi

High pressure pipe safety range: <965.3Bar/96.5Mpa/14000 Psi

Switch valve safety range: <1241Bar/124.1Mpa/18000 Psi

Buffer head safety range: <1103.2Bar/110.3Mpa/16000 Psi

Net weight: 21kgs/46.3lbs (single machine, not include gun/hose)

Gross weight: 25kgs/55.1lbs (complete package)

Package: 3pcs/CTN,Carton Case

Measurement: 63*49*55cm/24.8*19.3*21.7in

Container load quantity: 442sets/20ft, 812sets/40ft, 1200sets/40HQ

Warranty: 1-Years Limited Warranty (for main components)



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