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The manual seam filling isn’t only difficult, but also takes too much time. The electric cement slurry-filling machine can completely replace. The workers fill all kinds of seams quickly, such as wall cracks, and ceramic tile gaps. It’s often used to do the jointing needed by the installment of security doors, security windows and air conditions. Except the field of home decoration, it also can be widely used in the construction of roads, railway tunnels, cit underground, dams, side slops, urban building projects and so on.


High Quality

 In the production of this machine, we use German transition technology and adopt good quality material.

Small and Light

It’s small and light, simple-structured and well-designed as well as easy to maintain.

Human Design

The handle on the barrel makes sure steadier move.

The shakable funnel stops concrete from sticking on the funnel wall, which makes the incoming material move faster.

Multiple Choice

According to the different need, it’s easy to choose the round or square nozzle since the nozzle is detachable.

Operate Easily

It can start work after you fill the funnel with mixed concrete and turn on the power. Ordinary workers without specific training can operate it.




Voltage: 110/220V, 50/60Hz

Motor: 850W/1.13HP   

Net weight: 4.5kgs/9.92lbs

Gross weight: 5.5kgs/12.13lbs

Measurement:60*45*20cm /23.6*17.72*7.87in

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