Diaphragm Pump

  • SPX1250-310
  • SPX1250-310
  • SPX1250-310
  • SPX1250-310
  • SPX1250-310


  • Airless Paint Sprayer
  • Diaphragm Pump
  • Electric
  • SPX1250-310
  • Product description:

HYVST SPX1250-310 Airless Paint Sprayer


Wheeled cart

Pneumatic wheels and folding handle for portability . Easy to move it.

Reliable pressure control valve

Reliable mechanical pressure control valve, performs like a electronic one.

Stainless steel suction tube
Stainless steel suction tube with 2-layers inlet filter, and easy screw-in connector to the inlet valve.

Quality proven inlet/outlet valves
Stainless steel + tungsten of carbide inlet/outlet valve ensure you 100% good performance.

Supports max.0.021″ spray tip. Ideal for small to medium painting projects.

Standard Accessories

1x 15m pressure hose;

1x 60cm extension wand;

1 x spray gun with tip 517;

1 x hand tool kit;

1 x suction tube;

1 x pressure gauge;

1 x easy wearing spare parts;

1 x manual in English;


Model Number: SPX1250-310

Diaphragm pump, Cart mounted;

Reset function assembled

Motor Power: 1250W/1.7HP;

Voltage/Frequency: 110/220V,50/60Hz;

Max. Flow: 3.1L/min;0.82gpm

Max.Pressure: 21Mpa/210Bar/3046Psi;

Suggest Nozzle: 0.017";

Max. Nozzle: 0.021";

Optimal spraying distance: 350-400mm;

Hydraulic oil: ISO VG32

Certificates: EMC,LVD,MD,RoHS,GS;

Packing size: 52*45*64cm/20.5*17.7*25.2in;

Net Weight: 28.5kg/63.9lbs

Gross Weight: 30.5kg/68.3lbs;

Container loading: 180 unit (20GP), 307 unit (40FT),440(40HQ)



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