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  • SPLM2000
  • SPLM2000
  • SPLM2000
  • SPLM2000
  • SPLM2000
  • SPLM2000


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  • SPLM2000
  • Product description:

HYVST SPLM2000 Line Striper


The SPLM2000 airless liner striper a higher output and longer sustained use design, good for your continuous heavy-duty line striping requirements.Support two guns spraying at the same time.


Ideal for medium size projects on athletic fields and pavement working, easy maneuverability makes turns and stenciling easy and fast.Digital display, easy control and operate.Versatile gun bracket can be adjusted according to your working demands.

Extremely Powerful

Flow-through Easy out Manifold pump filter comes out, reduces tip clogs and ensures quality finish.Big output, finish striping jobs fast.

Units include:

· 2 Airless Spray Gun

· Gun Tip with 1908

· High Pressure Hose

· Repair tools kit

· Manual in English


Model Number: SPLM2000

Engine: Honda 160

Motor power: 4000W/5.3HP

Max. flow: 4L/min, 1.06gpm

Max. tip size: 0.035"@2gun

Max. pressure: 220bar/22Mpa/3190psi

Net weight: 122kgs/269lbs

Gross weight: 127kgs/280lbs

Package: Wooden Case

Measurement: 110*76*92cm/43.3*29.9*36.22in

Container load quantity: 32sets/20ft, 61sets/40ft, 85sets/40HQ

Warranty: 1-Years Limited Warranty (for main components)



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