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  • SPA80
  • SPA80
  • SPA80
  • SPA80
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  • SPA80
  • SPA80


  • Texture paint sprayer
  • Peristaltic pump
  • 1500W
  • SPA80
  • Product description:

HYVST SPA80 Texture paint sprayer + peristaltic pump


Dedicated for plaster wall smoothing and finishing, for the true professional.Pumps the heaviest materials with optimal output and without fluctuations.All-in-one design, easy to move around on your job site

Conveying even the thickest materials to the pump

the integrated VIBRA-FLO™ vibration system shakes and conveys material to the pump inlet. Works with both premixed and powder finishing materials!


Save material & costs

the adjustable Bag Roller completely empties bags with no waste or mess and is adjustable to fit any bag length


Reduced pulsation

the X-FLO™ Hose with Super-Flex™ Whip Hose reduces pulsation for a better finish to scale down hand finishing and is easy to clean


More time

no need to mix or thin materials anymore

Units include:

· 4 x nozzle tip

· 3 x cleaning ball

· 1 x spray gun

· 1 x Hand tool kit

· 1 x pressure tube

· 1 x manual in English


Model number: SPA80

Motor Type: Brushless DC

Motor power: 1500W/2.0HP

Rated voltage / frequency: 220V 50HZ /  110V 60HZ

Minimum flow rate: 0.6 / min, 0.16gpm

Maximum flow rate: 8.0L / min, 2.1gpm

Maximum working pressure: 5.5MPa/55bar/798psi

Pressure tube burst pressure: 6.0MPa/60bar/870psi

Nozzle 4pcs: 4, 6, 8

Pressure tube: 7.5 m

Packing size: 97.5*61.5*109cm/38.4*24.2*43in

Net weight: 94kgs/207lbs

Gross weight: 123kgs/271lbs

Container loading: 42 units(20GP) 90units(40HQ)



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