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HYVST GS4311 Pneumatic Airless sprayer


The GS4311 is two component high-pressure airless sprayer. The craft feature of high pressure airless spraying is higher production efficiency compared with normal spraying gun,closely attached coating layer, it can be sprayed for 100 seconds(No.4 Ford Cup) with the following varied bottom coatings, magnetic coatings, latex coatings for interior and exterior walls and other WB coatings. It is applicable to the colored tile spraying, latex coatings of interior and exterior walls, furniture,steel structure,chemical and industrial equipment,cars trailers, tubing, lifting equipment.


Low Malfunction Ratio

Pressured air as the power,steady and reliable,malfunction ratio is extremely low. The route is long,the exhaust is big,the frequency of switching direction is low,hard to be damaged by friction,the life of the machine and the maintenance cycle extends.


Internal Mix

GS4311 build-in mix system in the spray gun, to make even mixture 1:1 fixed mix ratio.


Quality Coating

Pressure pulsation is small;the coating layer is even,the coating quality is better. The high-pressure airless sprayer construction efficiency than ordinary spray confidential about 2-3 times higher, and can save paint


Units include:

· Complete set of airless sprayer

· Airless sprayer gun

· Rotating nozzle

· High-pressure hose(¢8mm X 10m

· High-pressure hose(¢6mm X 10m

· Transition joint(M14*x1)

· Spare parts supplied by manufacturer



Model Number:GS4311

Two component high-pressure airless sprayer

Mixed Form: Internal mix type/External mix type

Pressure conversion ratio: 43: 1
Single group the most flux:3.63L /min;0.96gpm
Compress air 03-6Bar/0.3-0.6MPa/43.5-87Psi

Stroke : 100mm/3.9in
Mixing ratio: 1:1

Net weight: 55kgs/121.25lbs (Body weight)

Gross weight: 75kgs/165.35lbs

Package: Wooden Case
Packing size: 62*60*113CM/24.4*23.6*44.5in

Container load quantity: 58sets/20ft, 112sets/40ft, 157sets/40HQ

Warranty: 1-Years Limited Warranty (for main components)



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