Electric HVLP spray gun

  • 910FA


  • HVLP Sprayer Gun
  • Floor Based
  • Electric
  • 910FA
  • Product description:

HYVST 910FA HVPL Floor Based Spray Gun


. Three way adjustable spray nozzle: round, horizontal fan & vertical fan

. Adjustable spray flow

. Fast paint changing and easy cleaning

. No Vibration and less noise

. Easy to use,mininum skill requested

. Better spray effect and atomization(Professional results everytime with maximum control and minimal overspray)

Units include:

· 1pc viscosity measuring cup

· 1pc 1.8m hose

· 1pc shoulder belt


Model Number: 910FF

Voltage/Frequency: 220-240/120V, 50/60HZ

Motor power: 500W/0.67HP,3.0A

Paint Reservoir: 700ml

Max. Viscosity: 50din/sec

Flow rate: 850ml/min, 0.22gpm

Nozzle: Φ2.6mm/0.1in

Hose length: 1.8m/70in


Package: Color box

Packing size: 37x14.8x27cm/14.6*5.8*10.6in

Packing weight: 2.5kgs/5.5lbs

Carton Size: 62*39*30cm/24.4*15*12in

Net weight:10kgs/22lbs

Gross weight: 11kgs/24.3lbs

Container 20’40’40HQ: 1640/3300/3774pcs

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